Acceptable Abusers

​America’s hidden abusers:

While Soul-Suckers remain in the closet, it’s a rampant form of abuse affecting our country.

Characterized by continuous negativity, criticism and extreme unhappiness of the abuser.. 

These abusers will (not always purposely) thwart any progress towards harmony and peace in the household. 

 Although they have obvious character flaws and most likely need therapy due to years of abuse/neglect they see themselves as ‘superior’, they will bitch about and pick apart everyone. 

 In turn, because they aren’t bad people, per say, their loved ones will try and try to accommodate this. Which, in turn, infects the entire household. Unhappiness and peacefulness will always take over, unfortunately. 

 This can be a parent, a significant other, a child. . Anyone. Negativity is like a virus that spreads. Others will try harder to no avail, walk on eggshells, become depressed and blame themselves. Over time, they are afraid to show happiness, show emotions that may trigger the Soul-Suckers moods, or even complain about their own problems. Eventually, the suffer their own identity crisis, and may not realize they are living a ‘fake life’s.

 If you think you are a victim of a Soul Sucker Abuser there is hope. With soul searching, time alone contemplating life (walking, seeing nature, etc.) you can rediscover hopes and dreams, even beliefs.  

 Good Luck, and remember, only you are responsible for your own happiness. And, you cannot make others happy! 


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